Vermilion is the culmination of the return to the arts after a detour through the chem lab

I come from a family of artists & entrepreneurs, catching the jewellery bug from my mother. Back in my youth, it seemed only natural to rebel and complete a science degree in Chemistry followed by a Dip Oenology (winemaking).

However, the fatal attraction of the arts eventually overruled the lab and in 2017 Vermilion Jewellery was born. Vermilion was the intense scarlet cinnabar pigment used in fine art, highly precious and more expensive than gold at the time. It also contains lion, my zodiac sign.

A fascination with venetian glass, gemstones and high jewellery led to a creative idea of marrying these materials together in a sculptural way. This is opposite to traditional and precise techniques normally used with high value jewellery. Requiring no less time, each piece develops a personality and an individual fingerprint of construction. 

Born in New Zealand and living in Brisbane, Australia gives me dual ties which has influenced my use of colour and artistry.

The result is a jewellery collection which reflects vibrant colours, gemstone flash and the durability and fineness of pure metals…


discover artisan handiwork in a world where mass production dilutes & diminishes

Each piece like no other and the metals are formed around the glass and gemstones as opposed to fitting them into settings. The contradiction of imperfect design and precious metals enables wearability & durabilty as well as reflecting and appreciating the imperfections in each of us.

Using palladium & platinum has enabled me to step away from allergenic nickel content in white gold and silver and the need for rhodium plating to keep them white. Sterling silver which tarnishes easily has also been eliminated as it can easily oxidise due to its copper content. Palladium even though it is more expensive than gold provides a brighter harder more durable white to fine silver and gold.

Gemstones are hand cut and come from our GIA trusted supplier. 

Our glass is artisan forged from the furnaces of Venice (Murano).The glass rods are then remelted into organic shapes for setting after being speckled and swirled with intensely coloured grains of glass.

Transparency and traceability of all components is revealed in each design description to provide reassurance and clarity over where it is sourced.

The result is an uncommon collection of fine jewellery which I hope you enjoy wearing as much as I had creating it.