Qualities of Love...

Celebrating love on Valentines Day is fabulous, but for many the intention is lost in the commercialisation, expectation and trivialising of love, especially romantic relationships or the lack of. While it is joyful for those currently enjoying romance, it is not the only the type of love which we all experience and maybe not the one which is ultimately coveted.
The ancient Greeks prized eight diverse forms of love
ranging from the passionate and romantic love which we traditionally associate with Valentines day to the more familial altruistic loves and finally to their polar opposite, obsessive love.


While the heady passionate, romantic loves are the most intense, they tend to peak and fall away. But it would be a mistake to think that love is then diminished as it can make way for far more enduring and satisfying forms. 

Contemplation of those types of love which encompass long term partners, family, self and the world is ultimately enduring, satisfying and selfless. Partnered with healthy doses of playful love which can easily strip any thought that romantic love is only a youthful concept. Playful love breaks the cycle that enduring love is an acceptance of an endless routine and that taking another for granted is inevitable. 

Being held by obsessive love, manic love through jealousy, co-dependence or possession deserves reflection if it can be recognised and subsequently repelled. Turning to self worth and appreciation rather than focussing on the actions of another to satisfy an emotional desire is the ultimate antidote.

These different types of love can provide consolation if you are heading into the romance of Valentines day without the anticipated gestures of another. Its an excellent moment to acknowledge all the other types of love in your life, and discover how much you truly do have.

♦ EROS  passionate love
LUDUS  playful love
PHILIA  deep friendship love
PRAGMA  enduring love
STORGE  family love
PHILAUTIA  love of self
AGAPE  love for everyone
MANIA  obsessive love

Happy Valentines Day