Azurite 50


No. 5001
azurite venetian glass stud earrings
Au 916, Au 750, Ag 999venetian glass

The power of oculus where light streams through a round opening at the top of a cathedral dome  is subtly reflected in these handmade venetian glass studs. The bouncing of light from delicate strands of azurite glass captures their understated grace and beauty and is reflected in the individuality of the woman who wears them.

handmade venetian glass
18ct gold ear posts.
14ct gold lux lock ear nuts.
10mm, 1.2g each

Swish gently in mild detergent, rinse and pat dry.
Sprezzatura: deliberate imperfection is a part of the artistic and organic nature of this one of a kind pair.

999 fine silver USA YES
916 22ct gold  USA YES
750 18ct gold ear posts USA YES
585 14ct gold lux lock ear nuts USA NO
venetian glass
jewellery box IDN YES
paper fill AUS NO
post box IDN


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