Tourmaline 75


No. 7501
aqua tourmaline silver earrings
Au 916, Au 750, Ag 999 \ tourmaline 1.9ct

Meandering around Venice you can see the elaborate motifs and relief sculpture on the friezes which adorn the architraves and statues. In these earrings, the magnificence of the past is made permanent for the present. The intricate and precise imprint of history is captured in an infinitely wearable and perpetually timeless piece.  

Olive light bounces from these smooth cut tourmalines gifting contrast and interest to the frieze imprinted metals. A modern antiquity with its organic nonchalance and subtle glow from within.

18ct gold ear posts.
14ct gold ear nuts.
9mm diameter

Swish gently in mild detergent, rinse and pat dry.
Sprezzatura: deliberate imperfection is a part of the artistic and organic nature of this one of a kind pair.

999 fine silver USA YES
916 22ct gold  USA YES
750 18ct gold ear posts USA YES
14ct ear nuts USA NO
jewellery box  IND
paper fill AUS NO
post box IDN


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