Vermilion Jewellery

gemstone cluster hook earrings



18ct gold | fine silver | semi precious gemstones

These gemstone cluster earrings are studded with semi precious tsavorite garnets, rhodolite garnets, almandine garnets, emeralds and chysoprase gemstones. Gorgeous glow and sparkle from the gemstones, set into pure recycled silver and extended 18ct gold ear hooks. One of a kind and handmade in Australia.

999 fine silver  48mm length
18ct yellow gold hooks & rings

tsavorite garnets
almandine garnets
rhodolite garnets
expect variations due to handmade quality
boxed & gift wrapped
nickel free

Meticulously handmade one piece at a time. it's quite difficult, if not impossible to make identical items. Any blemishes or irregularities should not be misconstrued as flaws but adds to the unique identity of each design.

999 fine silver USA YES
18ct gold yellow hooks USA YES
rubber ear guards USA NO
tsavorite garnet TZA NO
almandine garnet MOZ NO
rhodolite garnet AFR NO
emerald BRZ NO
jewellery box AUS NO
paper fill AUS YES
post box AUS NO


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