Peridot 32


No. 3201
peridot platinum pendant
Ag 999, Au 916, Pt 999 | Peridot 1.9cts

A truly one of a kind statement, drawing on the very finest that silver gold and gemstone can bring, strung on a fine platinum chain this is a deeply intuitive piece. Invoking the spirit of sprezzatura, the deliberate imperfection enhances its beauty. The cut out back of this pendant allows light to stream and dance off the facets of grassy green  peridot. The clean purity of platinum and the pure silver setting channels intuition and agelessness while forever changing with the light. 

18ct gold connector
Platinum chain 18in (46cm)

Swish gently in mild detergent, rinse and pat dry.
Sprezzatura: deliberate imperfection is a part of the artistic and organic nature of this one of a kind pendant.

999 fine silver USA YES
916 22ct gold  USA YES
750 18ct gold connector USA YES
950 platinum chain
peridot USA NO
jewellery box IDN YES
paper fill AUS NO
post box IDN


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