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bright expression


Colour leads the way in Vermilion design, the artist looks to the palette and asks of the pigments, what do you want to be? The hues find their perfect partner and the jeweller crafts the setting to show them at their most magnificent. 


studied carelessness


The creations of Vermilion are imbued with Sprezzatura, crafted with deliberate imperfection, the pieces offer a quality of grace and beauty that isn’t trying too hard and yet by their nature are arresting and perfectly imperfect.

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natural light


The power of the Oculus is reflected in many Vermilion pieces. The setting in the stones is carefully cut out to allow that magical play and dance of light that one might experience standing under the magnificence of a cathedral dome.

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light and shadow


The dance between light and shadow, between sun and moon, gold and silver, glass and metal is a beautiful movement captured in each Vermilion piece. In wearing the jewellery we can celebrate both aspects and give them room and space to breathe and weave their magic.

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