Viridian 10


No. 1004
Emerald venetian glass earrings
Au 916, Au 750, Ag 999 | Emerald 0.36cts

Viridian glass with its bountiful swirls of green is hand moulded into teardrops in the spirit of colorito. Perfectly balanced they invoke a sense of ageless grace and beauty.The light dances through the transparent layers of glass as they gently swing from their golden wires adorning the vermilion woman as she heads to the ballet or for coffee with a friend.

handmade venetian glass
18ct gold ear hooks.
Hypoallergenic rubber stoppers.
35mm, 4g each

Swish gently in mild detergent, rinse and pat dry.
Sprezzatura: deliberate imperfection is a part of the artistic and organic nature of this one of a kind pair.

999 fine silver USA YES
916 22ct gold  USA YES
750 18ct gold yellow hooks USA YES
rubber silicone ear guards USA NO
emerald cabochon 3mm BRZ NO
venetian glass
jewellery box IDN YES
paper fill AUS NO
post box IDN


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