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frieze gold earrings


choose a hint of Renaissance with patterned & textured 14ct gold jewellery

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cerchio gold  earrings cerchio earrings fingers
Frieze Gold Hoop Earrings Sale price$850.00 USD
Sold outFlorin Rosa Earringsmodel florin rosa earring
Florin Rosa Earrings Sale price$362.00 USD
Sold outFlorin Oro Earringsfingers florin oro murano glass
Florin Oro Earrings Sale price$362.00 USD
foglia verde earringsfoglia verde earrings
Foglia Verde Earrings Sale price$369.00 USD
frieze peridot ringfrieze peridot ring
Frieze Peridot Ring Sale price$737.00 USD
filo peridot necklaceFilo Peridot Necklace
Filo Peridot Necklace Sale price$322.00 USD