"obvious effort is the antithesis of grace"

- Baldassare Castiglione


the gifting season

The power and enchantment of adornment is at its zenith during the Christmas season. As we look to celebrate and decorate our surroundings with grace and beauty, our noble self is also worthy of elaboration and appreciation.

As this year draws to a close, jewellery can be a personal & symbolic marker not only of events but can also allude to virtues which were sought and expressed throughout the months. To be more individual, wiser and grateful at years end, jewellery can be a subtle yet powerful reminder of our journey.

Whether you are drawn to sunny optimism or quiet reflection, there is an uncommon jewel here that will call your name.



artistry of the renaissance

Vermilion jewellery is inspired and seduced by four main renaissance influences: colorito, sprezzatura, oculus and chiaroscuro. These delicously romantic terms were idealised and practiced by the leading artists of the time including Leonardo di Vinci, Raphael, Vasari, Botticelli & Michelangelo.

Each piece of jewellery has a dominant influence which speaks of its sensual roots and provenence leading back to the influence of the great Masters.

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vermilion jewellery

Vermilion Jewellery is my story and I am based in Brisbane, Australia. A love of fine art, jewellery and a Degree in chemistry drew me to pursue an amazing path of alchemy in jewellery design with an emphasis on artisan components, precious materials and a deep love of colour.

I play with jewels, venetian glass and precious metals in the same way a painter mixes his pigments. Organic, artistic and uncommon is the result, hand made imperfection which cannot be repeated and is the antithesis of manufactured fine jewellery.

Much thought goes into their design & wearability, there are no rules with metals, colour or construction. I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoyed their creation.



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Vermilion is the culmination of the return to the arts after a detour through the chem lab

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