"I couldn't give you something mediocre even if
thats all you asked for"

- Michelangelo



Sapphires conjure up images of sparkly blue transparent gems but a whole rainbow of translucent and opaque hues exist. In fact sapphires come in every colour except red, as red corundum mineral is known as ruby.

When natural sapphires are faceted and cut into organic shapes, they give fresh delight to their preciousness.

Corundum mineral | Mohs hardness 9



artistry of the renaissance

Venetian glass has been continually manufactured on the island of Murano since the middle ages. Its opulence, clarity and colourful hues grace the windows of cathedrals, tableware, fine art, jewellery and mosiacs.

An endless colour palette allows us to shape molten glass into any form or shape, only limited by the extent of imagination and courage.

Each unique nugget or drop is hand formed and kiln fired for many hours to attain durability and maximum colour saturation before being set in pure metals.


vermilion jewellery

Vermilion Jewellery is my story. A love of fine art, jewellery and a Degree in chemistry drew me to pursue an amazing path of alchemy in jewellery design with an emphasis on artisan components, precious materials and a deep love of colour.

I play with jewels, venetian glass and precious metals in the same way a painter mixes his pigments. Organic, artistic and uncommon is the result, hand made imperfection which cannot be repeated and is the antithesis of manufactured fine jewellery.

Much thought goes into their design & wearability, there are no rules with metals, colour or construction. I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoyed their creation.



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Vermilion is the culmination of the return to the arts after a detour through the chem lab

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