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Article: Unveiling Peridot: the August Birthstone


Unveiling Peridot: the August Birthstone

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Here, in the Southern hemisphere, the August birthstone Peridot is the perfect harbinger of spring. The fresh lime green of peridot needs no heat treatment, colour enhancement or stabilisation, therefore it's about as natural as you can get.

Back in ancient times peridots were closely associated with light. Even in modern times, explorer spacecraft (2006 NASA Stardust) have analysed stardust from close to the sun & have found gem quality peridots believed to be as old as our solar system. It has been discovered at meteorite crash sites, confirming that the gemstone exists in space. Peridot is mined in countries all around the globe including the Arizona USA, South Africa, China, Norway, Myanmar, Tanzania, Australia, Kenya & Pakistan.

The Ancient Egyptians worshipped them, believing them to have fallen from the skies and referring to peridots as “the gems of the sun”. Peridot is often referred to as “the Evening Emerald” because of how it shines even at night and in artificial light.

"peridot is one of the only gemstones which come in one colour"

Nature scored a home goal with the colour of peridot, green and only green is its shade unlike sapphires where she seemed undecided so chose nearly every hue. Most gemstones are formed in the Earth’s crust but Olivine (gem quality olivine is called peridot) is formed in the Earth’s mantle. The only other gemstone that is formed in the same place is diamond, making peridot a special and unique gemstone. Although gem quality is mined, olivine is also brought to the surface through volcanic activity and lava flows. This act of nature has created four green sand beaches in the world, the most famous in Hawaii and the other others located in Guam, the Galapagos & Norway, where you can bask on greeny gold sand.

Papakola beach olivine sand

Peridots have created some extravagant pieces of jewellery over the Millennia. Cleopatra's famed emerald collection is often debated by historians as to whether it was actually peridot. 

The popularity of peridots grew in the mid-1800s, peaking in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, when flamboyant jewels set with colourful gemstones were the height of fashion. Edward VII of England, loved peridots so much that he declared they were his favourite gemstone. His nine-year reign on the throne might have been short, but the peridot’s popularity continued throughout the 20th century.

"the Hapsburg parure is one of the famous examples of extravagant peridot jewellery"

The most famous collection of peridot jewellery belonged to the Austrian Grand Duchess Isabella. The Habsburg Peridot Parure comprises a tiara, necklace and earrings and was initially created circa 1825 by the imperial Hapsburg jeweller Kochert. There are five enormous peridots in the tiara alone, while the necklace features seven peridot drops that can be mounted upright on the tiara for added drama. In 2001, this regal suite of peridot jewels was sold by Sotheby’s London to the New York antique jewellery specialist Fred Leighton who famously lent the necklace and earrings to Joan Rivers for the Golden Globes in 2006. Fred Leighton sold either some or all of the parure to Lily Safra, a wealthy philanthropist; in turn, she sold the brooch and earrings at Christies in 2012.

habsburg peridot parure

The largest cut peridot in the world weighs 311 carats and is on display at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. This epic mixed cushion shape stone originated from the Zabargad Island in Egypt, where peridots were first mined as early as 1500 B.C. by the Pharaohs.

Other notable peridots are seen in the collections at the Topkapi Palace Museum in Turkey, and the Shrine of the Three Holy Kings in Germany, which houses a peridot-encrusted shrine.

"With a rich history and a unique composition, peridot is truly Nature's green masterpiece"

Being durable enough for everyday wear, it facets beautifully, allowing a multitude of shapes and cuts. Smaller peridots are affordable and readily available, however the value escalates rapidly over 2 carats and like diamonds, it becomes even more prized when the gems are internally flawless.

It's believed to have healing properties, promoting good health, positivity, and emotional well-being. The green hue enhances spiritual growth and strengthens one's connection with nature.

Although peridot has special significance for August birthdays, it deserves a spot in any jewellery collection.  

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