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Article: Tourmaline: October's birthstone suits all moods

tourmaline the october birthstone jewellery

Tourmaline: October's birthstone suits all moods

If you were born in October you are fortunate indeed to have such a stunning and versatile gemstone as your birthstone.
Each colour of tourmaline is associated with different meanings, making it a truly personalised birthstone.
From vibrant pinks & yellows to deep greens and oceanic blues, tourmaline offers a versatile and dazzling choice for those born in October.
But don't let be being born in another month deter you. The colour range and cut is so vast that there really is a tourmaline for every mood, design and price.

Tourmaline is its own gem species, with many different unique types. It forms in an incredible prismatic crystal habit, meaning that it forms in gorgeous long hexagonal 'pencils' within the host rock.



rubellite tourmaline crystals



"According to the ancient Egyptians, Tourmaline passed through a rainbow as it made its way to Earth"


Tourmalines measure 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This means that it is quite hard and resistant to scratches. Tourmalines also have no cleavages and as a result, they are extremely durable making them ideal for everyday wear. 

tourmaline rock
tourmaline rock formation (image crystal classics uk)

Egyptian legend maintains that during its formation, Tourmaline passed through a rainbow as it made its journey from the Earth’s center which led to it assuming the seven colors of the rainbow. Tourmaline is mined in a vast array of colors; the widest range of colors of any gemstone in the gem kingdom with virtually every color represented, including black, bi-colors and tri-colors.

It is mined in many locations world wide including Brazil, Pakistan, Russia, Burma, Sri Lanka and the USA. In Africa, the main producers are Congo, Madagascar, Namibia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Nigeria, Malawi and most recently Kenya.

Tourmaline became known as an 'American Gem' in the late 1800's due to Tiffany & Co's gemologist George F. Kunz as he praised the pieces that were being found in the deposits of Maine and California. The most recent and most stunning tourmaline Pairaba, the neon blue was only discovered in the 1980's in Brazil, although deposits have now been discovered in Mozambique and Nigeria. 

Like any semi-precious gemstone, tourmaline varies a lot in price, while a lot is affordable the bigger and saturated hues of red rubellites and neon blue paraibas command eye watering prices comparable to their precious cousins. 

But tourmaline's beauty goes beyond its colour. It is also known for its unique optical properties. When light enters a tourmaline crystal, it undergoes a process called pleochroism, where different colors are observed from different angles. This phenomenon adds an extra dimension of intrigue to this already compelling gemstone.

Ancient civilisations believed that tourmaline had magical powers and could protect the wearer from harm. In fact, it was often used as a talisman for travellers, as it was believed to bring good luck and protect against accidents. Tourmaline aids in understanding oneself and others and promotes self-confidence and diminishes fear. It also releases tension, making it helpful for spinal adjustments and balances the yin and yang in the body.In general, Tourmaline is believed to be an excellent tool for energizing and balancing the chakras, the aspirin of the gemstone world. 


"Bi-colours, tri-colours, watermelon, parti, the rainbow hues
of Tourmaline are unsurpassed"

The term Tourmaline is derived from the Sinhalese words 'tura mali' meaning 'a stone with mixed colours'. Being dichroic, Tourmaline also has the ability to subtly shift its colour depending on the light source as it changes from natural to artificial.
tourmaline facet gemstones
There are many different names given to various colours of Tourmaline, some are official trade names and others are marketing ones.

Chrome Tourmaline is a very particular striking strong green colour with the vanadium trace element being responsible for it's vibrant green colour. .

Rubellite Tourmaline is a gorgeous saturated pink/red to purplish/red which is due to the presence of Managanese. It commands premium pricing for the rich pinky red stones as they are a good substitute for ruby.

    Paraíba Tourmaline is an incredible violetish/blue to greenish/blue originally discovered in the state of Paraíba, Brazil and its colour is due to the presence of Copper. The vibrant neon blue stones command extraordinary prices and it is the darling of the gemstone world at present.
    The blue stone is also known to have metaphysical properties such as the feeling of power and justice and clarity of mind.

    Pink Tourmaline is a different pink than the fuschia toned sapphires, the warmth of pink tourmalines are found in rose and raspberry shades. It is also a more affordable choice for larger stones and has much more variety than sapphire. A gem for friendship, love and warmth.

    Watermelon Tourmaline are a beautiful pink in the center and green around the outside. Commonly seen in rectangular cuts and slices its bicolour pink/green combination is a classic statement from Mother Nature. 

    Savannah Tourmaline for the gorgeous bright yellows to orange from East Africa, named after the wide African Savannah. A stone for optimism and success. 

    Green Tourmaline: With its lush green hue, green tourmaline represents growth, abundance, and vitality. It is believed to bring good luck and success. 


    Tourmaline is a gemstone that truly stands out from the crowd. Unlike other gemstones that come in a single colour, tourmaline with its bi-colour and tri-colour striations can be found in a wide spectrum of hues making each stone unique. From vibrant pinks and greens to deep blues and purples, tourmaline offers a kaleidoscope of colour to choose from. Its durability enables it to be an easy and safe choice for rings, earrings and necklaces subject to






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